Originally hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, I have dedicated nearly two decades to capturing the essence of the male form. Fortunate to collaborate with handsome individuals from across the globe, I am primarily based in Ibiza (Balearic Islands) and the UK. My lens has ventured into diverse locations such as NYC, Paris, Los Angeles, Cape Town, and Mexico.


While my focus lies predominantly on male nudes, I’ve also contributed to numerous underwear and swimwear campaigns for the Addicted brand, where I played a pivotal role in the 2014/2015 collaboration between Addicted and BelAmi porn models.


My portfolio extends to adorning the covers of numerous international publications, and I’ve had the privilege of photographing celebrities for GayTimes Magazine, particularly for their charitable “NAKED ISSUES.”


In recent years, my creative energies have shifted towards producing aesthetically pleasing books showcasing my work. Notably, the release of Penis Portraits in 2021 and a more explicit collection titled X this year.


Amidst the challenges of the pandemic in 2020, I launched my DRX website, offering uncensored photos and videos for enthusiasts of my craft.

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