tMf Magazine / Issue 05


Issue 5 / Featuring photography by Mark Jenkins, Kevin McDermott, Robert J. Guttke plus many more…


tMf Magazine was created by me in 2011 to showcase the work of other photographers, who also focus on “the male nude”. It was a way to help promote their books, prints, and projects. There were 17 issues in total, spanning 5 years, but eventually the project became too time consuming and I stopped after issue 17, in 2016. You can still buy each issue here as a digital download (PDF). The content might be dated and refer to books/projects that have long since finished, but each issue is still full of beautiful uncensored images, and it may be a way to discover new talent. Also note that many of the websites, or email addresses mentioned in each issue might not exist anymore.


IMPORTANT: This product is only a digital file (PDF), that you will need to view on your computer or tablet using any standard PDF reader. There is no print version of this product. If you are looking for a printed magazine then you might be interested in DYLAN magazine.

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